Measuring: This much, That much, How much? 單位展

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition in Taipei:  Measuring: This much, That much, How much?

The exhibition is not new to the public recently. I visited it when it had just launched, though, it still took me a while to write the review. The review has been postponed because there is so much thought in mind to express, to think about how to convey the ideas into words.

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Livia (Wei) ’s Reflective Essay


Figure 1: Sketch of product (Tang, 2015) [image]
The journey was not long. It took eight columns on the calendar, and it is a very short period that only occupies 0.9% days in your whole life (according to the average life expectancy data in 2013). Having said that, if you think about the knowledge you have learned, the things you have been through, and the new perspectives you have gained, these eight months is actually a long journey. When it comes to the time to examine the journey, you have just found out that there are so many things and feelings in your mind and you do not even know how to describe them.

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A Designer’s Honesty Advice by Anthony Dickens

Anthony’s lightening project- Farrier’s Cage

Anthony Dickens is a product designer who founded his London product and furniture design studio in 1998 (now his studio is evolved into Studio Make Believe Limited) . Lightening design and manufacture was his initial direction, and then he expanded his design in a wider range. His domestic furniture and product design not only express the simplicity and narrative but also give new definition to the everyday objects. Anthony also works with brands such as Audi and Red Bull to help the brands building communication with people and their lives. The Origami table he launched won the won the Elle Decoration Best Table Award 2007 and is now produced by Innermost. His Anglepoise® Fifty, which is a light that encapsulated the Anglepoise® brand and story, was shortlisted for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2007 and is now part of their permanent collection. (product information from Anthony Dickens’ personal website)

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A Playful Window Display: John Lewis Project


As I have mentioned in my previous blog about window display, I had a great opportunity to do a practical project at the design school. The brief was“ CREATE A WINDOW INTO THE BRAND for John Lewis” run by D&AD (British Design & Art Direction). What should be included in the project would be different types of design such as spatial design, digital design, experiential design and graphic design. Most importantly, the brand communications has to be done.

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Go Big, or Go Home: Selling Products In The Trade Fairs

Photo: Yaroslave Sabanov

Having a successful business is not just about writing a great plan, the most important thing is: does anyone buy the product? Selling can be the most difficult but crucial part of a start-up’s business since we all need profit to continue our journey, and the fastest way to sell the products is presenting them in front of customers in the trade fair.

Before the first trade fair, what we have done was discussing our business strategy and prototyping. When the day was approaching, every issue started to come up such as producing products, looking for the material of package, designing the stand.

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Window Display: To See Is To Believe?

 Window displays are used to communication about the store, its product, and services."  (Sen, Block and Chandran, 2002)

Recently we have started to work on the personal research project for our master degree. The most difficult thing at the beginning was deciding the topic, especially when you do not have any limitations. There are a lot of issues that I would like to talk about such as the development of creative industries in Taiwan and urban regeneration. After considering my interests, accessibilities, and the future career, I decided to write about visual merchandising, which is what I was doing before I came here.

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Pink Is the New Black in Spring


Picture 1


It’s already April. Although the expectation of spring should be a bit warmer, it’s time to go out and see some cherry blossoms. There are not a lot of cherry blossoming trees  in the Regent’s Park, but they’re beautiful enough to be one of the best places in London to see the flowers. While I was visiting last Wednesday, and there was very few people stopped by and had a look of those pretty flowers in compare to my experience in Japan.

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The Voice of Urban Aesthetic


Cities have people and people have tongues. Street voices do not sound the same even in a single country” (Burchard, 1957)

When we travel to a city, we are not only walking around the roads and street but also feeling the atmosphere, the scenery consists of the art and design elements. In other words, we unconsciously engage in the art and design world. People always say that they know nothing about art or design, but we are surrounded by these elements and cannot ignore them. The issue of urban aesthetic is widely discussed in my country recently, and the citizens are worried about if we could define our cultural identity but also be novel at the same time. This case has just reminded me the examples I had seen in Sweden.

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